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2024 Chinese Horoscope

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon

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Emperor's Great Race: The Legend Behind the Chinese Zodiac 

Numerous legends surround the selection of animals for the Chinese Zodiac, and this is one of them... The tale begins with the Jade Emperor, the ruler of Heaven in ancient China, who sought a method to measure time. On his birthday, he organised a race and the animals that successfully crossed the river will be forever enshrined with a zodiac year named after them.

The Lunar Zodiac & Birth Years

1. RAT (鼠)  

Birth Years: 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020 
Personality Traits: Ambitious, charming, resourceful, private, frugal 


2. OX (牛) 

Birth Years: 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021 
Personality Traits: Diligent, gentle, hardworking, reliable, patient 


3. TIGER (虎) 
Birth years: 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022 
Personality Traits: Confident, brave, idealistic, thrill-seeking 


4. RABBIT (兔) 
Birth Years: 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023 
Personality Traits: Kind, sensitive, artistic, romantic, refined 


5. DRAGON (龍) 

Birth Years: 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024 
Personality Traits: Outspoken, energetic, generous, intelligent 


6. SNAKE (蛇) 

Birth Years: 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013 
Personality Traits: Clever, curious, alluring, wise 

7. HORSE (馬) 

Birth Years: 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014 
Personality Traits: Amusing, enthusiastic, independent, persuasive 


8. GOAT (羊) 

Birth Years: 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015 
Personality Traits: Easygoing, empathetic, creative, cheerful 


9. MONKEY (猴) 

Birth Years: 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016 
Personality Traits: Entertaining, intelligent, optimistic, sociable 


10. ROOSTER (雞) 

Birth Years: 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017 
Personality Traits: Adventurous, charitable, funny, loyal 


11. DOG (狗) 

Birth Years: 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018 
Personality Traits: Helpful, honest, trustworthy, unselfish 


12. PIG (豬) 

Birth Years: 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019 
Personality Traits: Caring, generous, smart, outgoing

Horoscopes & predictions provided by the Feng Shui Masters at The Way Feng Shui Group. 

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RAT (鼠)

  • Birth Years: 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020

  • Auspicious Number(s): 2, 12 

  • Auspicious Colour(s): Yellow, Brown, Blue, Black 

  • Benefactor Sign(s): Ox & Pig 

Origin Story: Originally, the Rat and the Cat were once great friends – both cunning and smart but the worst swimmers in the animal kingdom. They discovered that the fastest way across the river is to catch a ride with the kind Ox. The Ox agreed to carry them across, but the cunning Rat, eager to win, pushed the Cat into the river and ran ahead of the Ox to become the first animal to be named in the Zodiac. As a result, the Cat did not finish the race and was not included in the Zodiac. The Cat has never forgiven the Rat and are now sworn enemies.

  • Despite a minor ebb in general fortune, individuals born in the Year of the Rat will encounter favorable influences in both career and wealth. Opportunities for professional advancement are on the horizon, accompanied by financial gains that align with the realization of your aspirations. The more diligent you are, the greater the rewards. Caution is advised regarding potential accidents and injuries this year, emphasizing the importance of mindfulness in your surroundings and being vigilant about your personal safety. 

  • Abundant opportunities to make money and a consistent cash flow contribute to the flourishing growth of both career and business aspects. Your career luck ascends parallel to your dedicated efforts, ensuring a stable income. This year introduces new financial goals for you, but a prudent approach favoring stability over major investments is advisable. Vigilance is key to averting substantial losses. Crafting a well-thought annual budget and cultivating savings for unforeseen circumstances will foster a stable financial journey. 

  • Balancing various facets in your life may induce fatigue and impact your emotional well-being. Efficient time management and ample rest are essential to maintain optimal health. Refrain from fixating on material gains or losses and foster an open mindset.  Most importantly, uphold a healthy routine entailing regular exercise, increased water intake, and periodic health check-ups, to shield you from negativity. 

  • In the coming year, you have the potential to attain gratifying outcomes and ascend to the pinnacle of your career. To enhance your team's synergy, leverage your strengths and readily seek assistance when faced with challenges. Vigilance is crucial, as overlooking details, particularly in projects involving numerical aspects, may pose obstacles to your professional advancement. Stay attentive and maintain a keen focus to ensure smooth project handling. 

  • Your relationships with others are flourishing this year. For those contemplating starting a new relationship, start observing your surroundings as someone who truly values you may be in close proximity. For individuals currently in a relationship, be mindful of potential neglect stemming from work or familial responsibilities. Cultivate the balance by dedicating quality time to your partner, engaging in regular and meaningful conversations to fortify your relationship. 

  • Students may discover their leadership potential being acknowledged and possibly even being selected as school leaders. Despite having notable achievements outside school, your interest might wane, fueled by impatience. Always exercise prudence before embarking on new ventures. For working adults, consider expanding your network to  invite unexpected opportunities and career success. 

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OX (牛)

  • Birth Years: 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

  • Auspicious Number(s): 1, 6 

  • Auspicious Colour(s): Blue, Black, Red, Orange 

  • Benefactor Sign(s): Rat & Snake 

Origin Story: Legend has it that the Ox was the greatest swimmer in the animal kingdom and was predestined to come first, thanks to its powerful build enabling it to cross the flowing river easily. Despite its might, it was outsmarted by the cunning rat, who took advantage of the Ox's kindness and hitched a ride on the Ox's back across the river, only to jump off at the last minute to beat the Ox to the finish line.

  • This year, you can anticipate favourable advancements in both your career and wealth.  Benefactors around you will come to your assistance when needed, ensuring a steady flow of positive energy. By being consistently diligent in your efforts, you can confidently pursue and achieve your goals. However, be mindful of potential conflicts that may arise easily. Exercise caution in divulging your plans to others, and make sure you learn how to protect yourself for a smooth sailing year. 

  • Your fortune and career prospects shine brightly, with investments yielding stable profits and a consistent income flow. Leverage your valuable connections to make informed financial decisions and improve your wealth. Additionally, consider refreshing your living space by replacing some old furniture, as this can enhance your family's overall luck and prosperity. The subtle shifts in your environment can align with positive energies, fostering an atmosphere of abundance and well-being. 

  • Your health is robust this year without significant problems. While you may be busy, it is essential to prioritize self-care and incorporate regular breaks to maintain mental clarity. When engaging in conversations, practice attentive listening without hastily jumping to conclusions. Cultivating this mindful approach fosters positive connections, contributing to the enhancement of both your physical well-being and mental equilibrium. 

  • You are blessed with benevolent superiors in the workplace who can offer you support and guidance. Foster harmonious relations with them and seek their valuable insights when you face significant decisions, and you will be rewarded.  Learn to showcase your abilities boldly, as this will help you achieve better things. For entrepreneurs, diligent planning will pave the way for substantial profits and enduring success in your business endeavors. 

  • You’re surrounded by favorable energies, enhancing your interactions and fostering trust with others. Singles, guided by the auspicious stars, will encounter the right person, while those in a relationship will experience strengthened bonds with their partners. Yet, it is important to avoid being too stubborn to cultivate more meaningful and positive relationships. 

  • Exercise constant diligence in your studies and you will yield fruitful rewards as you attain greater accomplishments. Embrace the assistance and wisdom imparted by your mentors, for the knowledge you gained from them will propel you to make significant strides in your educational pursuits. Exercising mindfulness in your interactions with others will also help to foster positive energies. Working professionals are encouraged to embody a humble working attitude, as this will pave the way for even greater achievements in your endeavors. 

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  • Birth Years: 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022

  • Auspicious Number(s): 12 

  • Auspicious Colour(s): Blue, Black 

  • Benefactor Sign(s): Pig 

Origin Story: The Tiger is a symbol of unparalleled power in Chinese culture—fierce, independent, and undeniably brave. In ancient times, emperors and kings were often likened to the mighty Tiger, embodying its cruelty, forcefulness, and the sheer terror it could evoke. Despite being a bad swimmer, the Tiger, through raw power and strength, defied the currents and conquered the shores, earning 3rd place in the Emperor’s zodiac.

  • You will navigate through a blend of favorable and challenging moments this year. Anticipate encounters that bring fresh perspectives and novel experiences. Distant influences are poised to contribute positively to your financial endeavors, while your professional journey holds promising prospects. Whether you are contemplating educational pursuits, career advancements, or new ventures, considering opportunities beyond borders could be auspicious. Amidst the challenges faced, always be attuned to signs of fatigue. 

  • The outlook for your career and financial prospects is auspicious this year, with numerous business opportunities unfolding in your path. Skillful navigation of these opportunities will promise bountiful profits. When the time is right, make bold investments in projects to expand your wealth. However, you should recognize the value of certain expenditures, such as education and health, as prudent investments in these realms will contribute to your prosperity. 

  • Be mindful of the susceptibility to minor ailments like flu and cold due to the shifting weather. Additionally, you might be emotionally sensitive and susceptible to external influences, leading to feelings of depression. Prioritize your well-being by taking proactive measures to maintain your health, by incorporating therapeutic breaks to fortify your resilience against external influences and fostering overall vitality. 

  • You can anticipate the emergence of new work prospects, bringing the promise of a fresh position or work environment into your path. While motivation fuels your professional endeavors, be wary of overwhelming workloads. Rather than blindly chasing success, ground yourself in practicality, planning your endeavors in harmony with your circumstances to ensure success. 

  • Your charisma lies in your independence and decisiveness. Yet, your relationships could face challenges along the way. Dedicate extra effort to nurture your connections with others, and guard against unintentional neglect stemming from work or stress-related concerns. For those currently in a relationship, cultivate patience and understanding to foster a compassionate environment, preventing emotional discord that could inadvertently harm the bond you share with your loved one. 

  • Students born in the Year of the Tiger may experience greater stress for certain subjects which may potentially impact your concentration in school. Mastery of accurate application of concepts will be the key to enabling significant enhancements in your academic pursuits. As for working adults, your work may pose certain uncertainties and risks. However, resilience and being adept to changes will become your catalyst for growth and foster continuous improvement in your learning journey. 

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  • Birth Years: 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023

  • Auspicious Number(s): 8, 12 

  • Auspicious Colour(s): Yellow, Brown, Blue, Black 

  • Benefactor Sign(s): Goat, Pig 

Origin Story: The Rabbit was proud of its speed and often mocked the Ox because it was big and slow. The story goes that once it reached the river, the Rabbit had to hop from one stone to another to get across and almost didn’t finish the race. Towards the end, it was lucky enough to grab hold of a floating log that later carried it to shore, securing a 4th-place finish.

  • Individuals born in the Year of the Rabbit are poised to experience a series of fluctuations coinciding with significant life changes, such as transitioning careers or relocation. Steadfastness and unwavering commitment to your objectives will pave the way for breakthroughs and assist you to triumph over these challenges. Amidst these transformative shifts, you should prioritize the well-being of your physical health, ensuring consistent care to navigate these changes with resilience and vitality. 

  • Those born in the Year of the Rabbit may find themselves inclined toward impulsive purchases, hindering their ability to save. For those contemplating investing, exercising patience by observing the market before deciding is advised for optimal results. Additionally, directing your focus towards investments in personal health would be a wise consideration, especially for those grappling with persistent health concerns.

  • This year, you may fall sick more frequently. More regular mood swings may contribute to irritability and anxiety. Harmonizing your emotions and cultivating relaxation is paramount, as sustained tension could adversely affect both your physical and mental well-being. While you might recover swiftly, prioritizing relaxation within your busy schedule is essential for overall health and balance in the long run. 

  • Prospects for new opportunities in jobs or industries are emerging.  While you might feel confined at times when transitioning to a new environment, harmonizing your mindset and fostering positivity will help you to achieve great accomplishments. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to carefully assess the market dynamics, seeking opportunities for breakthroughs and prosperity.

  • Navigating life transitions involves adapting to changing interpersonal dynamics and novel environments. You might distance yourself from close friends and family during this transformative period, but taking proactive steps to reach out and reconnect with them can help to foster closer bonds. For singles, avoid making hasty decisions when finding a partner and have clarity about what they seek in a partner. Those that are attached can enhance their current relationships by including random surprises for their partner. 

  • Your bold exploration of new endeavors and continuous refinement of skills bode well for your future career development. When confronted with challenges, try to broaden your perspective to grasp the holistic picture. Seize opportunities for growth and the accumulation of valuable experiences. Working professionals are advised to discern their responsibilities clearly, guarding against potential schemes. It is important to prioritize your health, as it might have profound impacts on your future prospects. 

dragon icon


  • Birth Years: 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024

  • Auspicious Number(s): 1, 10 

  • Auspicious Colour(s): Blue, Black, White, Gold 

  • Benefactor Sign(s): Rat, Rooster 

Origin Story: In Ancient China, the dragon, with its mystical powers and magical abilities is considered to be the most powerful in the animal kingdom. Effortlessly soaring through the clouds, it landed at the Jade Emperor’s feet to secure the fifth position. Perplexed by the dragon's failure to secure victory despite its flight advantage, the emperor asked the dragon why it was so late. The dragon, explained that it was delayed by having to extinguish a fire in a farmer’s field and having to blow the rabbit on the log across the river.

  • As you embark on your career or academic pursuits, you may encounter various obstacles and setbacks. However, success is attainable through unwavering determination and you will be rewarded for your diligent efforts. Take heed of potential threats to your health and safety by maintaining vigilance in your surroundings. Mindful attention to your personal well-being is paramount for your health. 

  • This year, you will be able to enjoy the results of your past efforts. Businessmen may witness a notable contraction in business volume and income. Yet,  hidden within this challenge lie opportunities waiting to be seized. If you’re looking to invest,  consider going for independent ventures over joint endeavors to avoid potential disagreements. Maintain a grounded approach and be prudent with your spending to avoid huge losses. 

  • This year, challenges to your health may surface frequently. Maintaining a positive mindset is crucial, as it enables you to overcome these obstacles with resilience. However, distractions may abound, especially when on the road. Exercise caution, paying keen attention to the vehicles surrounding you while driving. Additionally, be mindful of potential injuries related to metal objects. 

  • A job transfer holds the potential for a promotion, ushering in both opportunities and challenges. Despite the demanding and stressful nature of the work, you will be able to make steady progress. Be cautious of negative emotions that may hinder your personal and professional growth. Given financial constraints, prioritize stability and avoid impulsive actions. Acting within your means and refraining from using shortcuts is key to preventing undesirable outcomes. For businessmen, adhering to rules and regulations is essential to avoid unnecessary complications at work. 

  • When faced with challenges, you may feel despondent and lonely, potentially sparking disputes in your relationships. You will have to adopt a rational mindset and think creatively when navigating problems. Singles might find themselves entangled in ambiguous relationships, while those in a relationship should strive for balanced interaction with their partner. 

  • There is potential for favorable outcomes, yet the challenge lies in being able to maintain focus, as being distracted may dampen your enthusiasm for learning, fostering carelessness and laziness. Always seek guidance from your teachers when faced with challenges and avoid being involved in or affected by gossip or rumors. Working professionals can unlock increased earning opportunities by investing in upskilling for their career development. 

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  • Birth Years: 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

  • Auspicious Number(s): 2, 10 

  • Auspicious Colour(s): Yellow, Brown, White, Gold 

  • Benefactor Sign(s): Ox, Rooster 

Origin Story: As the race kicked off, the Snake cunningly coiled itself around the Horse's hoof, cleverly concealing its presence as the Horse crossed the river. Just as they neared the finish line, the Snake swiftly slithered up, startling the Horse and sneakily securing 6th place. This sly move is also why horses will instinctively stomp on snakes whenever they encounter them!

  • A tapestry of joyful occasions awaits, accompanied by an ascent in fortune. Your positive energy serves as a magnet, attracting favorable circumstances and connections. Challenges can be swiftly resolved with your adept problem-solving skills. Maintain an open mind throughout the year for it will be the key to unlocking breakthroughs. Focus on the journey of learning rather than fixating on the end result to attain remarkable achievements. Avoid being complacent as it could cause you to fail and lose your wealth. 

  • With smooth sailing career progress, you will have enough reserves for financial investments. While trustworthy financial advice may come your way, remember that you will only reap optimal profits during periods of stability. When the opportunity comes your way, exploring collaborations in the educational domain can path your way to success. It is prudent to conduct thorough due diligence before delving into stocks or investments for your wealth and safety. 

  • This year, embrace the power of positivity and optimism, as they have the potential to turn your life's obstacles into sources of motivation. The illnesses that once troubled you have disappeared and your ability to manage stress have improved. However, you should resist the temptation to compare yourself with others, as you will be able to discover your strengths if you focus on your unique strengths. It is important to prioritize rest and incorporate regular exercise into your routine to alleviate stress and foster a harmonious balance for your wellbeing. 

  • Career-wise, you will be able to handle increased workloads with efficiency, earning recognition for your diligent efforts. Simultaneously, offering guidance and support to your juniors will bring you great satisfaction. Business owners are encouraged to explore innovative marketing ideas for better outcomes. Regular engagement in team-building activities is advised to foster strengthened bonds, elevated morale, and heightened work productivity. 

  • You radiate enhanced charisma this year. Despite having admirers, a comfort in singlehood may impede the initiation of new relationships; however, a shift in mindset holds the potential to alter this situation. For those currently in a relationship, you will experience stronger bonds with your partner, such as by considering the possibilities of marriage or expanding your family. 

  • Your capacity for learning will improve significantly, fostering increased diligence in your studies. Embrace humility and hard work, as these virtues will lead to exceptional academic achievements. Romantic feelings may arise this year, but it is essential to ensure that emotions do not adversely impact your focus on studies. Young professionals are poised for the opportunity to showcase their talents; therefore, readiness is key, as each opportunity serves as a stepping stone for career growth. Both employees and leaders are advised to engage in training to enhance their capabilities at work. 

horse icon


  • Birth Years: 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

  • Auspicious Number(s): 6, 8 

  • Auspicious Colour(s): Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown 

  • Benefactor Sign(s): Snake, Goat 

Origin Story: The horse takes the 7th spot in the Chinese zodiac, symbolizing power, beauty and freedom in Chinese culture. During the Jade Emperor’s great race, the Horse fell victim to the deceitful snake who covertly hid under its hoof while crossing the river. The snake startled the Horse at the finish line, causing it to lurch back and enabling the snake to claim 6th place. This treacherous encounter has forever marked horses and snakes as mortal enemies.

  • This year, diligent effort will be required to advance in your career. Amidst the journey, challenges may present themselves, potentially leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Fear not, for despite these hurdles, with a positive mindset and meticulous preparation, you can navigate through the difficulties and turn situations in your favor. While you work hard, do not forget to pay attention to your health and safety. 

  • Accumulating wealth may pose challenges for you this year. However, maintaining financial stability is achievable if you refrain from incurring deficits. As your career progresses, be prepared for significant expenses that may strain your finances in meeting short-term obligations. Precise budgeting for essential expenses is essential. Prioritize saving as the top objective, steering clear of extravagant expenditures, and exercise caution to avoid high-risk investments that could potentially lead to financial turmoil. 

  • A sense of melancholy and unease may envelop you this year, contributing to extreme mood swings that can adversely impact your health. It is thus important for you to cultivate calmness and joy this year. Avoid excessive drinking and take care of your liver, improving your quality of sleep and steer clear of high-risk activities to benefit you in the long term. 

  • Your professional endeavors are poised to flourish this year. Despite the favorable outlook, it is essential to have humility and adopt a low-profile approach. With the increasing workload, you may feel overwhelmed, yet adjusting your attitude and flowing naturally with the circumstances will facilitate smoother progress. Business individuals should exercise caution, for the pursuit of swift success may inadvertently offend potential schemers. 

  • Your relationship with others might take a toll on you this year. Cultivating control over your emotions, focusing on activities that bring you joy and content, and refraining from engaging in quarrels with others can steer you towards forming better relationships.  Singles may find themselves entangled in whirlwind romances, yet prudent reflection is advised to discern the suitability of the potential partner. Rumors may induce feelings of melancholy for those in relationships, and married couples may encounter conflicts in their marriage. Effective communication serves as the key to overcoming these challenges and fostering harmony. 

  • Your academic performance remains steady, yet there's room for improvement. Set specific goals for each exam, treating them as mini challenges to enhance your progress over time. As your mood can affect your luck, it is important to maintain a positive disposition to yield better results. Beyond grasping your schoolwork, engaging with peers and teachers offers valuable learning experiences. For working professionals, there is an indication of steady advancement; Utilizing your free time to invest in self-improvement and skill enhancement can help in your career. 

ram icon

GOAT (羊)

  • Birth Years: 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015

  • Auspicious Number(s): 6, 12 

  • Auspicious Colour(s): Red, Orange, Blue, Black 

  • Benefactor Sign(s): Snake, Pig 

Origin Story: In the great race, the Goat secured the 8th position through teamwork. Despite not being strong swimmers, the Goat, Monkey and Rooster collaborated by the Goat allowing the Money and Rooster to ride on its back during the river crossing. Even though they reached the finish line simultaneously, the Monkey and Rooster, acknowledging the Goat's hard work insisted the Goat finish ahead of them.

  • This year, smooth trajectories await, transforming misfortunes into blessings. Support from benefactors will emerge when needed, a reflection of the kindness you've consistently extended to others. Your network will provide you with support for career advancement and in establishing a firm footing in the workplace. While distractions may surface, confiding in a friend could provide you with  solace. Exercise careful consideration before making any pivotal decisions, steering clear of impulsive actions to prevent potential troubles. 

  • Your living expenses have increased together with your fortune. Prioritizing the accumulation of wealth in your finances is important, and delving into investments can yield better returns. While a windfall may bring modest gains, exercise caution to avoid overindulgence in gambling. Employ your financial resources judiciously and refrain from investing in dubious ventures or fixating on quick profits. Maintaining a grounded approach safeguards against falling into the snares of potential schemers. 

  • Your health is generally robust but you may have the tendency to feel anxious. To dispel stress, prioritize ample rest and engage in leisure activities. Challenges can be surmounted with the support of benefactors, provided you remain humble and adopt a discreet demeanor. Rest assured, time holds the key to resolving all issues. While your social interactions may shrink, your dining habits persist. Be mindful of your dietary choices, practicing moderation and embracing a nourishing and health-conscious approach to eating. 

  • You can anticipate the emergence of fresh career prospects this year. With diligent efforts, you will achieve recognition and rewards. Entrepreneurs have the potential to expand their customer base, leading to increased income. Despite feeling inundated and fatigued this year, do your best to maintain your composure and engage in thoughtful decision-making processes. Elevate your leadership acumen and acquire insights into effective team management. Additionally, it is paramount to exercise discernment to safeguard against potential scams. 

  • Benefactors readily lend their support, ushering in harmonious energies for you. While your journey often unfolds smoothly, it's important to cultivate discernment without being overly picky or critical. Mindful communication is key; choose your words wisely and embrace forgiveness toward others. Singles may encounter a promising connection facilitated by benefactors. Those in relationships may navigate a love-hate dynamic; it is advised to nurture your partner with increased care to mitigate conflicts. 

  • You effortlessly forge connections with your teachers and peers. While your altruistic nature prompts assistance to friends in need, it is advisable to assess situations judiciously before extending support. Seeking guidance from your parents can provide valuable perspectives if challenges arise. Working professionals, expect novel challenges necessitating the acquisition of new skills. Embrace the spirit of bold advancement to keep pace with the evolving times. 

monkey icon


  • Birth Years: 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

  • Auspicious Number(s): 1, 6 

  • Auspicious Colour(s): Blue, Black, Red, Orange 

  • Benefactor Sign(s): Rat, Snake 

Origin Story: While most animals in the zodiac earned their positions independently, the Monkey finished the race in a three-way deal between the Goat and the Rooster. During the Jade Emperor’s great race, both the Monkey and the Rooster rode on the Goat's back to cross the river. The Monkey used its hands to clear obstacles in their path and the Rooster kept time with its mighty voice. Upon reaching the finish line, a diplomatic arrangement was made: the Goat would finish 8th, acknowledged for doing most of the work; the Monkey 9th, having contributed more effort than the Rooster.

  • External challenges and competitors may impede your progress this year, causing you to stagnate, and frequent obstacles could create inherently challenging scenarios. Fortunately, your career path is set to flourish. By concentrating on your objectives and putting in dedicated efforts, you can carve out a prosperous career journey. By proceeding with caution, employing strategic thinking to steer clear of potential betrayals and maintaining a low profile in the workplace, you will be able to navigate these influences. 

  • There's a noticeable surge in monthly expenditures, despite the stability of your income. Money appears to flow in and out effortlessly, urging you to adopt a thriftier approach. Failing to do so might lead to challenges in meeting your financial obligations, possibly requiring external financial support. It is crucial to hone your financial management skills, as exceeding your means could adversely impact your overall fortune. While there are prospects for earnings through work or business endeavors, a rational handling of financial matters is imperative. Vigilance is key; avoid succumbing to the allure of small gains driven by greed, thus safeguarding against potential wealth loss. 

  • Your aspirations for a better life are starting to push you ahead; yet, you should be mindful, as this zeal may accumulate stress over time, potentially causing oversight of details and a loss of perspective. Such vulnerabilities could make you susceptible to the snares of schemers. Health-wise, susceptibility to prolonged colds, flus, and coughs may manifest this year; fortify your well-being with supplements and regular exercise. Additionally, find solace through practices like meditation, connecting with nature, or engaging in religious activities for your wellbeing. 

  • You might encounter challenges and workplace pressures, requiring more energy and focus. As the year unfolds, attune your mindset and be prepared before embarking on any significant actions. Exercise caution and be mindful when dealing with contracts and documents, for neglect may bring forth dire consequences. 


    For businessmen, there could be hiccups and potential wealth loss. Ensure that you amass your experiences and fortify your capital reserves. Be advised against venturing into uncharted waters, as this is not the right time for investing in new products or technologies. 

  • In navigating the social landscape, your outgoing nature shines in your social circles. Yet, your confidence and positive outlook might be misread by others, leading some to perceive you as carefree or unreliable. Be mindful of how you express yourself in your daily life, especially around elders and superiors. Avoid making hasty conclusions or commitments that may ring hollow. Singles are likely to maintain their current status, enjoying the freedom of being unattached. For those who are in a relationship, the key is to be considerate and understanding to forge a stronger connection. 

  • You are destined to attain your academic aspirations. Yet, you may display impulsive actions driven by emotional fluctuations. This may unintentionally cast doubt on your interpersonal relationships. Engaging in more group activities can foster team spirit and maintaining an open-minded perspective can lead to positive encounters. The lack of trust among colleagues may lead working adults to feel physically and mentally fatigued while shouldering all tasks. Sharing your concerns with loved ones can provide solace and aid in emotional well-being. 

rooster icon


  • Birth Years: 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017

  • Auspicious Number(s): 2, 6 

  • Auspicious Colour(s): Yellow, Brown, Red, Orange 

  • Benefactor Sign(s): Ox, Snake 

Origin Story: Forced by its inability to swim or fly over the river in the Jade Emperor’s great race, the Rooster struck a deal with the Goat and the Monkey. As the Goat carried the Monkey and the Rooster on its back while swimming across the river, the Monkey cleared away obstacles and the Rooster kept time with its loud voice. In true diplomacy, the three animals decided that the Goat deserved 8th place for doing most of the work, the Monkey 9th for putting in more effort than the Rooster, who graciously, accepted the 10th place.

  • Fortunes are set to favor you this year, as benefactors emerge to usher in new opportunities to your life. Support will be readily available to navigate and resolve challenges as they arise. However, a note of caution—guard against any inclinations towards arrogance, as this could pose risks to both your reputation and wealth. Prioritize your health and safety, dedicating ample time to your loved ones. Consider embracing benevolence by extending assistance to others whenever possible. 

  • While managing your living expenses is within your capability, potential wealth losses loom in the horizon, contributing to fluctuating fortunes. The key lies in augmenting your income while curbing expenses, emphasizing the practice of thriftiness to enhance your overall fortune. Rather than relying solely on external sources, channel your energy into dedicated work and exert effort to steadily bolster your savings. Caution is advised when dealing with stocks that offer high returns, as they often come paired with elevated risks. It is wise to navigate this financial landscape with care and prudence. 

  • Stepping into a new role at work entails heightened responsibilities. Amidst your bustling schedule, meticulous attention to your diet becomes imperative to avoid deficiencies that may compromise your immune system and focus. Avoid masking signs of unwellness with a facade of bravery. Additionally, maintain heightened awareness of your surroundings on the road to ensure your safety. Contemplating an annual holiday is advised to alleviate stress. 

  • In your professional domain, your diligence, curiosity, and sense of responsibility have garnered recognition from both superiors and colleagues, positioning you favorably for potential promotion. As your projects smoothly unfold, maintaining mindfulness in your interactions with teammates is crucial. Establish clear communication boundaries to mitigate the risk of misunderstandings, as unresolved disputes could potentially impede the trajectory of your career development. 

  • A harmonious and positive rapport is cultivated with both superiors and colleagues. Any potential misunderstandings or doubts can be effectively addressed, contributing to a stronger bond with those around you. For singles, you may discover a suitable life partner, while those in a relationship may contemplate the prospect of marriage. To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, married individuals are encouraged to be more mindful towards the needs and feelings of their spouses. 

  • With commendable achievements, you have concrete goals and are poised to exert your utmost efforts in the upcoming year. It is recommended to  increase your engagement in extracurricular activities this year as well. Fear not, as this proactive involvement will not impede your academic pursuits. Through judicious time management, you can seamlessly balance study and recreation, fostering connections with like-minded peers. For working professionals, venturing beyond your comfort zone to explore innovations becomes a catalyst for the continued evolution of your career. 

dog icon

DOG (狗)

  • Birth Years: 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 

  • Auspicious Number(s): 10 

  • Auspicious Colour(s): White, Gold 

  • Benefactor Sign(s): Rooster 

Origin Story: In the penultimate spot of the Chinese zodiac, we encounter man's best friend, the friendly and lovable Dog. The Emperor found himself greatly puzzled when the Dog landed in 11th place – given the Dog was one of the strongest swimmers in the animal kingdom. It turned out that, out of loyalty, the Dog prioritized friendship with the Pig over winning the Great Race. It willingly trudged alongside the Pig, even if it meant securing no better than the 11th position. In eternal gratitude, the Pig promised to keep the Dog well-fed. Oh, by the way, after seeing the pristine waters of the river, the Dog also decided to take a bath first before merrily continuing its journey to the finish line.

  • Individuals born in the Year of the Dog encounter a series of challenges testing their resilience in the current year. Inevitable feelings of despondency and distraction can cast shadows on work productivity. Yet, facing these challenges boldly and adopting a proactive stance in seeking solutions can bring a positive result. Emphasis is placed on directing attention toward career advancement while maintaining equilibrium. It is important to take a grounded approach and abstain from impulsive actions. 

  • In the absence of external support, you face a gradual ascent in fortune, relying solely on your own efforts to construct your career. The financial landscape foresees fluctuations and heightened risks of investment losses. Therefore, exercise heightened caution in financial management. Cultivate preparedness by establishing an emergency fund and judiciously allocate expenditures only when essential. For those without ample resources, it is advised to steer clear of high-risk investments. Refrain from taking unwarranted chances, as venturing into such realms may precipitate a potential financial crisis. 

  • You may encounter potential accidents and an increased susceptibility to illness in the coming year. Dispelling negative emotions may pose challenges, highlighting the need to harmonize work and rest this year. Nurturing both financial well-being and health is essential. Attending more celebratory events and social gatherings can help to ignite positivity and motivation. Engaging in outdoor activities with family or friends may be beneficial, fostering not only improved health and mood but also strengthened bonds with your loved ones. 

  • Harnessing your emotions at work, it's evident that your competitive spirit propels you into intense workplace competition. Taming your temper and steering clear of arguments when opinions diverge is paramount. It is advised to cultivate a harmonious environment and  recognize the value of more allies than enemies. For business owners, fortifying the company's security system is crucial. Entrust this crucial responsibility to a reliable individual to thwart schemers and their potential manipulations. 

  • Be mindful with your words and actions to avoid unnecessary disputes in the coming year. Singles should tread carefully to avoid premature confessions, while those in relationships need to invest more effort amid reduced interactions and conflicts to prevent potential breakups. For married individuals, fostering open communication is key to resolving any misunderstandings and maintaining spousal harmony. 

  • This year brings heightened stress levels for students. By focusing attentively in class and engaging in thorough revision, you can attain satisfactory results. Exploring tuition or interest classes may provide additional support in your studies and enhance your overall knowledge. While your inclination to stand up for others is admirable, it's essential to reflect on how to achieve better outcomes from your good intentions. Working professionals may encounter challenges at work, and navigating these situations with tact or exploring alternative opportunities is advised for a smoother journey through the year. 

pig icon

PIG (豬)

  • Birth Year: 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 

  • Auspicious Number(s): 2, 8 

  • Auspicious Colour(s): Yellow, Brown 

  • Benefactor Sign(s): Ox, Goat 

Origin Story: The friendly pig is the 12th and the last animal in the Jade Emperor’s line-up. Pigs in Chinese culture symbolize wealth; their chubby faces and big ears are associated with good fortune. The pig’s story is a familiar one... during the race, the pig felt hungry, so it stopped for a bite, fell asleep, and arrived last. About to close the race, the Emperor asked the pig why it was so late. The pig explained that while all the animals were competing to be the fastest, the pig was relishing the sights and savoring snacks. The Emperor, impressed by the pig’s honesty and unique approach, granted the pig’s spot in the calendar!

  • Following a turbulent year, individuals born in the Year of the Pig will experience a positive turn of fortune in the coming year. Expect a smooth journey adorned with prosperity and recognition. Opportunities to encounter benefactors, forge new connections, and even marriage may arise. Embrace this phase as an opportunity to release past concerns and confidently carve your path forward. While fortune smiles on you, always remain vigilant about health, as lingering unlucky stars persist. Practice neutrality and avoid complacency to harness the full potential of the favorable energies. 

  • With your honesty and sincerity, your diligent endeavors will yield rewards in the coming year. Both employees and entrepreneurs can anticipate promising opportunities that carry the potential for substantial income. In the realm of investments, astute observation of the market will bring forth a steady stream of positive developments. However, meticulous financial management is crucial to safeguard your budget for living expenses. Exercise thoughtful consideration in decision-making processes to steer clear of potential scams and ensure a harmonious financial journey. 

  • Your overall well-being sees a positive upturn, bringing about a state of contentment and relaxation, with fewer concerns weighing on your mind. This harmonious mental disposition naturally contributes to the improved condition of your body. By directing your attention towards activities that bring joy, your outlook becomes more appreciative and open-minded. It is advisable to consume food in moderation, steering clear of excessive intake of oily substances, sugar, and salt. Regardless of your busy schedule, incorporating regular exercise is essential for maintaining your health. 

  • Following a year of hard work, you are now positioned to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. A surge in career prosperity presents an opportunity to showcase your abilities and make steady progress. Your skills will gain acknowledgment from your superiors, paving the way for a well-deserved promotion and salary increase. Business professionals can anticipate a thriving enterprise with an influx of customers. Nevertheless, caution is advised against greed. Diligently scrutinize contracts, and exercise prudence to avoid potential complications. 

  • Favorable connections and assistance from benefactors are set to enhance your interpersonal bonds. It's an auspicious year for marriage and expanding your family. Singles, poised for romantic pursuits, may find love in bloom, especially if they express their feelings to someone special. For those who are in a relationship, your relationship with your partner shall strengthen, and mutual strengths as a couple will foster even closer ties. 

  • Possessing remarkable learning capabilities, you are poised to navigate upcoming exams with ease. Effective time management and prioritization of essential tasks are crucial for success. Maintain a clear direction to allocate your time efficiently. Working professionals, fueled by motivation, are geared to surmount challenges this year. Your determination will ensure the smooth completion of all projects. To achieve success, be mindful of your attitude in handling matters and consistently approach others with sincerity. 

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